Saturday, October 5, 2013

Leave it to the Experts

At ODTUG Kscope 13 this year in New Orleans, I gave a talk on responsive web design in APEX. During the presentation someone asked me about specific CSS width configurations for different screen sizes. My answer at the time (and I still stand by it) was to use what the APEX team provided as they have experts who's sole job is to focus on these details.

Case in point, today one of the developers on the Oracle APEX team (Shakeeb Rahman) tweeted the following question "Anyone know of a study that talks about web contrast and if dark gray is better than black for web text?". I don't know the answer nor have I ever even thought if it before.

Similar to most developers, my job requires me to to keep up to date on technology and design patterns but it's humanly impossible to be an expert in every single area. Having amazing and committed developers on the Oracle APEX team allows me to not worry about all the finer details and focus on providing my clients with solid solutions for their business problems using APEX.

To summarize, not only is APEX a great development framework for the Oracle technology stack, they also have experts covering all the small details that most developers have never thought of or don't have the time to research.

Here's the full Twitter conversation:


  1. Hi Martin,

    These "details" are what keep us APEX developers constantly fretting. For example, I'd love to add more grouping columns, or have more control over the CSS, particularly in column widths for interactive reports. I've learned a few tricks, but we keep running into a wall on some issues.

    Where is the best place to discuss features we'd like to see?

    1. Hi Scott, I understand that some of these details may be behind the scenes. Sometimes this can make it frustrating for developers who want to go outside the box. Of course they're plugins for us to add what ever functionality we'd like to see in APEX.

      Regarding the CSS issue you can modify any of the CSS by adding in your own files and overwriting the default settings from APEX.

      If you'd like to see additional features you can make a request on the Feature Requests application: