Sunday, January 30, 2011

Console Wrapper (previously JS Logger)

I've moved the Console Wrapper (previous called JS Logger) code to be hosted as a Google project here:

I decided to create a Google project since maintaining code via a blog is not the best or easiest thing to do. I will continue to blog about any major updates but all examples, documentation, issues, and code will be maintained on the Google project page.

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  1. Hi Martin

    This is a great resource, Thanks.

    I just came across a slight issue or probably something worth mentioning for APEX.

    Since you use the jQuery reference in the anonymous function call and someone uses this same technique in their APEX plugin and uses the apex.jQuery standard, its possible for the console object to be in the wrong namespace and break the plugin if more than one version of jQuery is loaded.

    There's probably not many cases of this, but I just thought I would post in case someone came across the same issue.