Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Logger 2.0.0 - Released!

After several months in Beta, I'm please to announce that Logger 2.0.0 is now officially released! You can download the zip file from the 2.0.0 release page.

Over the past few months I've blogged about some of the significant changes we've made to Logger. Here are all the articles describing some of the new functionality:
The upgraded help document on the main Github page contains all the detailed information about Logger as well as examples. In the future, I'll be looking at moving it towards the Wiki page for better organization but for now it should do.

If you've never used it before check it out, best of all it's free and open source!


  1. Thanks for your work on this, very impressive, I have started roll out internally. A couple of points, firstly it's really useful that you have implemented capturing dbms_application_info module and action fields into the log table, however client_info field is missing. Was this a deliberate design choice? If so interested to know why, otherwise, any chance to add in future release? Second, note that it does not currently compile on 10g database (cannot use SEQUENCE.NEXTVAL directly in trigger, have to insert into a local variable).

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for the feedback. I've created two tickets (one for each issue) on the issues page: https://github.com/tmuth/Logger---A-PL-SQL-Logging-Utility/issues Odds are we'll fix the sequence issue for this release and look at adding the client_info in the next one.