Friday, November 28, 2008

How to list APEX Dictionary views using SQL


I hope this isn't old news but it seems that whenever someone talks about the APEX dictionary they talk about going into the development application and viewing them there. You can also access the dictionary using SQL. Here's how:

select *
from apex_dictionary
where column_id = 0


select distinct apex_view_name
from apex_dictionary

Of course you can remove the "where column_id=0" portion and get a list of the all the columns for the views etc.


  1. There is a nice list of all objects used by apex under the FLOWS_XXXXXX(replace the X's with your apex version EX: FLOWS_030100) schema. However, This is nice for a quick reference. Good find.

  2. Still think that for some objects (packages and procs/fnc/types) a lack of public synonym is still a problem to mine development which use a lot core data and in a case of upgrade have to change a lot of references.